StokeCity Nationals

Im all packed and ready to go.

Its time to go to Jozzie and hit the the cable, StokeCity.

Travel essentials
Instagram post: ‘the key essentials to my travels and of course my wakeboard

We decided to go up a few days before the comp so that we had enough time to get used to the cable before the comp and we also decided to drive up to Jozzie so that we had a car, it was probably the worst decision. It took AGES, well actually about 16Hours but if felt like the longest day ever.


When we finally got there we stayed with the family probably about 40 minutes away from the cable.

When I got there for the first time it was quite challenging because the cable is so much lower than the cable I ride at home , down in Cape Town. Quite a few of us, mostly the riders from Cape Town struggling with our air trick because of the low cable. Despite the low cable the obstacle there are sick! The kickers are the most insane definitely better that at Home. The weather was bad especially the Thursday it was raining and very cold but the bad conditions were nothing near to what we get. There was no one at the cable only the Hard core Cape Towners.


Luckily the weather changed around and we had great sun for the days of the comp. We were only a few ladies as usual, but this time it was different this time all the ladies could do air tricks and that definitely made us all step up our games. It was definitely a tough comp I was nervous.

The end result was with Melissa Colborne in First place, Myself in Second, and Mardi Geldenhuys in Third

Im so stoked with coming 2nd in Nationals! It was epic Podium.jpg Im also super amped about meeting Nick Davies and Raph Derome, two international riders. NIck davies also rides for Mystic Nick.jpg

Thanks guys for making this weekend one of the best and definitely one to remember, congrats for everyone that took partCrew.jpg


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